Man gets into Linkedin’s 10 percent club, applies for revaluation

A north Delhi resident has asked Linkedin to reassess the number of visitors on his linkedin profile after he got a mail stating that he was in the top 10 percent most viewed profiles for 2012. His assertion is that his ex-girlfriends and jealous colleagues alone could have pushed him into the top 1 percent, let alone recruiters and prospective employers.

“I have asked them for a revaluation of my position. I cannot be languishing in the top 10 percent. I am definitely a 1 percent material. There must have been an error of some sort. Not only do my ex-girlfriends and colleagues know about my profile but it is also up there on my matrimonial profile. So I keep on getting visits from all kinds of people every day and now they tell me I am in the 10 percent league and I refuse to accept that. All kinds of crawlies are there in 10 percent and Linkedin has done grave injustice to my profile by putting me in their club,” Gillinder Singh said.        

He also claimed that if Linkedin does not agree to conduct a revaluation, he will be forced to file a case in the Sillichar High Altitude Court against the company. “Almost all my friends are in the 5 percent club and they tease and taunt me. I cannot even have tea or coffee in peace in the office anymore and all the water cooler conversations revolve around the low number of visitors on my profile. Many prospective brides have also rejected me because of this and now I am in a state of depression. If Linkedin does not fix this soon, I will sue them for everything they have,” Singh said.

"The only guy who could be happy in the 10 percent club would be Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari, who started the 10 percent club in Pakistan," Singh added. 


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