Man climbs Mount Everest twice in a week to avoid Bank’s telemarketing calls

A young techie from Bangalore has become the world's first man to scale Mount Everest twice in a week, Guinness World Records has confirmed. Chhurbum Hana Nguyen (not his real name) 29, climbed to the 8,850 meter (29,035 feet) Everest summit on Feb 10th and 17th this year.

Nguyen at the summit
Nguyen, was apparently harassed by telemarketers from Highly Developed Nuisance Corporation (HDNC) Bank  who used to call him every 7 minutes from over 200 numbers to sell everything from Credit cards to Recurring deposit schemes. “Once they called me and asked me if I wanted a slightly used diaper. When I reminded the telecaller that HDNC bank doesn’t sell diapers, she said that she actually wanted to sell a banking product but since I was not interested, she switched tracks and started selling stuff that she wanted to dispose of,” Nguyen said.

To avoid the misery of being part of such enriching conversations, Nguyen changed his numbers twice and reregistered his number in the national do not call registry. He even tried registering his number in the TRAI’s premium national ‘get lost’ registry available only to HNI individuals at a premium. But HDNC guys still managed to trace and harass him. Once he even went abroad for a few days on an official assignment but the calls never stopped.

The calls started affecting his personal life adversely as his wife used to ask more questions than Arnab Goswami on a Monday evening each time he used to answer a call. “Instead of moving away from me, she brought in her mother-in-law, who was a former wrestler to stay with us. That was when I decided I have had enough. One of my friends, a Sherpa from Nepal, had invited me to visit him years ago. So I decided to accept the invitation in the hope that I can run away from HDNC and my mother-in-law,” Nguyen added.

The Sherpa advised Nguyen to climb the Everest to avoid calls as the summit was not covered by any telecom operator. Thus began a month long rigorous training regime to make Nguyen fitter and ready for the Everest challenge. Even while he was training he was getting calls from HDNC. “But once I was up at the summit, I didn’t receive any calls. It was sheer bliss. I didn’t have to say a word. I was one with nature and the best part was my phone was silent all along, till I started my descent. I started getting calls from HDNC as soon as I touched 900 feet. I then ran back up towards the summit to avoid these telemarketers,” Nguyen said.  
When contacted, HDNC guys refused to comment on our story. But soon enough, the number that we used to call them started getting over 200 telemarketing calls a day. We had to surrender the number to get rid of them. Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said the government had knowledge of these telemarketing calls but couldn't stop them. He said a 'swift and painless' inquiry will reveal more details and keep a section of media occupied in a wild goose chase while he is shunted to a new ministry. Ram Gopal Varma will be making a movie on his life soon, sources said. "I have a few paper clippings and your blog will serve as my script," Varma said. 


Deepthi Rajan said…
HDNC --- hope they get the message this time though thick skinned and thick headed as they are thats probably hoping too much - yet another fantastic post!
The obvious reference is to HDFC bank...they know it and are comfortable living with it..its almost like a punishment to be a HDFC customer :(
Tia said…
n what will Nyugen do if Airtel reached him there? ;)
As they say in Kerala..he will "Jembb"
Agree... Its hell being a customer of HDFC :/

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