Vulgar Trinamool MLA was merely testing direct cash transfer: Derek O'Brien

Party spokesperson Derek O'Brien has defended a Trinamool Congress leader who landed in trouble after he threw wads of currency notes towards ladies dancing at a party's foundation day function.
Brien who is also referred to in media circles as Mamata’s pet Chihuahua claimed that his party had launched the equivalent of UPA’s direct cash transfer in West Bengal and the MLA was merely testing the scheme.

“Whats wrong if the MLA concerned transferred cash directly? I mean most of these people do not have bank accounts so there is no point in transferring money that way and it is not vulgar by any length of imagination. The man only had noble intentions in mind. When we finally do something for citizens of our state, you people still find flaws. Grow up guys and smell the Complan,” Brien said.

When asked as to why he didn’t tell the same thing to anchor Arnab Goswami when the later grilled him on the issue, Brien threw a massive temper tantrum. “That fidgety pen poker (Arnab) thinks every animated piece of protoplasm in this country owes an explanation to him. Tomorrow if I step on cowdung on the road, will I owe an explanation to him? Do you guys report to him? Is he your boss? So do not threaten me by taking Arnab Goswami’s name. If you want names I can also take a few. Adityo Bhattachrya, Sugato Sen and Lalith Mukherjee. These are noted goons from our party and if any one of you so much as to takes Arnab’s name again, I will have them put you all on a lifetime fast in Singanur,” Brian threatened.

Suddenly a call from Brien’s boss Mamata came and he slithered away through a small crack in the parliament canteen.


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