Pak army generals opt for VRS after Indian Army chief Gen Bikram Singh speech

In what could be termed as the first major reaction from Pakistan to the ‘behave yourself’ speech given by Indian Army chief Gen Bikram Singh, two Pakistan army generals have put in their papers. Though Pakistan army made every attempt to deny any link, our sources confirmed that the move was indeed linked to the fiery nature of Gen. Singh’s speech.

BSF men guard the Indo-Pak border at Suchi Garh
At about 11:30 am, after Gen Singh finished his speech warning Pakistan, the GHQ in Rawalpindi received two faxes one from Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam, Commander of the strategic XXXI Corps, Bahawalpur (also the Col. Commandant of the so called Azad Kashmir regiment) and another from Lt Gen Muzammil Hussain, Commander, XXX Corps, Gujranwala (also the Colonel Commandant of the Northern Light Infantry). The two corps commanders had put in their papers and decided to seek voluntary retirement due to ‘personal reasons’.

Incidentally, these two generals are also connected to Kashmir via two regiments they are Col. Commandants of.  This means incase Indian Army would have indulged in any cross LoC action, the formations headed by these two would have come directly in the line of fire. The two generals and Pakistan army denied any link with Gen Bikram Singh’s speech. The GHQ merely said that the two had put in their papers due to personal reasons and wanted to settle down in Saudi post retirement.

Our sources however said that both these officers were not supposed to retire anytime soon, but decided to do so after hearing Gen Singh's indirect threat. "We were lucky in all the conflicts so far. Indian Army has not taken any aggressive stance against us even though we were the ones who provoked every conflict that has happened so far. But when I heard Gen Singh, I was clear that the Indian Army is planning something big this time around and I am sure this has influenced both our generals. Infact even I am planning to put down my papers and move to Saudi," a Brigadier based in Islamabad said.

All options are open: Gen Kayani
Meanwhile Pakistan army chief Gen Parvez Kayani said that his men were considering all possible options in case Indian Army decides to teach them another lesson. “All options including booking the entire top brass of the Pak army on the earliest flight to Saudi, hiding behind China after issuing 100s of threatening statements against India, handing over 96000 Pak army men to India and then signing a surrender treaty just like 1971 are all on the table. We will consider the appropriate action at the appropriate time. In the meantime we urge our media and strategic analysts to continue twisting the LoC story and toeing the Pakistan army line just like Chinese newspaper The Hindu has done,” Kayani said.


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