Pak army deploys its new ‘Howitzer’

Pakistan Army has announced that it has deployed a new indigenously developed howitzer at ‘sensitive’ locations across the Indo-Pak border.

The ‘howitzer’ christened Suleman after Gen Suleman of 10th Baluch who discovered the unique trajectory of the device. Pakistan army sources said Gen Suleman wanted to extract himself (run away) from the war theatre in 1948 when he developed the contraption but unfortunately for him, after he sat on the catapult spoon, it flung him the wrong way and he landed in Indian territory and was promptly taken as prisoner of war.

Luck however changed for him for the better soon after. When the Indo-Pak hostilities ended, Gen Suleman who was then a Major was handed over to Pakistani forces by the Indian Army. Pakistan army then went on to spin a tale of valour and undefeatable courage around him and claimed that Maj Suleman fought the ‘kafirs deep inside their own territory’. Pakistani war books even mention that while returning he brought a wild boar along with him as trophy for his courageous deeds inside India.

The deployed version of Suleman
Pak army chief Gen Kayani testing a prototype
Maj Suleman went on to become Gen Suleman and in the 60s headed the prestigious Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF). It is here that he shared his dream of developing a Pakistani howitzer. He put together a team comprising of the best engineers within Pakistan (most of whom were non resident Pakistanis abducted and brought from outside) to work on the project. Today, after being in various phases of R&D for nearly half a century, the project has led to the development of a deployable howitzer.

“The last decade was spent in testing the prototype across various landscapes across Pakistan. We took a long time to develop it but the weapon is now deployed and serving our diverse artillery formations. We are currently working on a toed model that will be lighter and can be deployed at higher alltitutes," said Lieutenant General Muhammad Ahsan Mahmood, Chairman Pakistani Ordinance Factory.              

The most unfortunate part of this story is that the chief architect and visionary of the whole project Gen Suleman is no longer around. He passed away in 2001 when a prankster called him and told him that Indian Army had surrounded his house and were coming to arrest him. The juvenile pranksters even exploded some crackers to buttress their claim. Gen Suleman got a heart attack and passed away soon afterwards.

“This howitzer is dedicated to his memory and has been named in his honor,” Mahmood said. The howitzer is nuclear and organic waste capable, soruces said.


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