Skeletons of husband and wife who died waiting for IRCTC page to load unearthed

Archaeologists have unearthed skeletons belonging to a couple who tried booking their vacation tickets via IRCTC’s website and died waiting for the home page to load. The discovery was made last week but the government kept the discovery secret till Humor Unplugged accessed the report via our sources in the government.

Exclusive pic of the couple
The age of the skeletons is yet to be determined and it seems as if they were trying to access the page via their laptop. The husband is seen looking at his laptop (now missing, presumed stolen by grave robbers) while the wife is turning the other way, smirking at her hubby's patient ways. The page never loaded and the two never got to go on their vacation.

“The couple have once again shown how slow and crawly the home page of IRCTC is. In some states, it is considered a punishment to book tickets via the portal. We need to improve the speed of the site by deploying more servers and revamping the UI,” a former Indian Railways bureaucrat told Humor Unplugged.


Saru Singhal said…
Exclusive picture and grave robbers, lol. It should be a crime in India, why only few states. :P
:D yea Saru true, actually it should be a crime even know making criminals load the home page of IRCTC ;)
Hahahaha this is beyond the expectations...I usually get thoughts such as i might become granny by the time IRCTC website books my tickets..Very Well written.. HE HE HE wife's expression ROFL.:D Certainly an immediate action needs to taken for solving the curious case of IRCTC.CO.IN
:D thanks Pavithra...nice to hear from you again many folks have reported horror stories while booking tickets on Irctc... :(

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