Maoists kidnap Ronald McDonald dummy from Indian Mc Dee outlet

Amid the raging FDI debate in parliament, a dummy statue of Ronald McDonald, primary mascot of the McDonald's fast-food chain of restaurants went missing yesterday evening from one of its outlets in Mumbai. Initial reports emerging from ground zero suggest that renegade Maoists have kidnapped the iconic clown to put pressure on the Indian government.

The pic sent by Maoists
Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged, senior inspector Kash Ghobble said “the clown vanished yesterday evening and folks from the restaurant lodged a 30 page FIR with us. Later on they received a call from a group calling itself the Bollywood Maoists who claimed that they have abducted the clown to put pressure on the government to ease out on the FDI debate in parliament and ultimately withdraw the decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail in the country. They have also sent a picture of the kidnapped dummy. We have a few leads and are investigating”.  

The Maoists, according to sources, have threatened to harm the dummy unless Indian government disallows FDI in retail.

Meanwhile, in the US, a McDonald’s spokesperson urged the Indian government to intervene in the matter and locate the missing dummy at the earliest. “We are in touch with US and Indian governments and are hopeful of the matter getting resolved at the earliest. We have vested full faith in the abilities of both the governments to get Ronnie back to his bench outside the outlet soon”. When asked if this kidnapping will scare investors away from investing in India, the spokesperson said that he was a spokesperson and a not a soothsayer.  


Tia said…
I think it was Flushma Swaraj and not maoists ;) careful doo...Sushma has a huge fan following :)

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