Pakistan in mourning following Ajmal Kasab’s execution

Pakistan, world’s most prolific supporter of international terrorism, has gone into mourning as reports of her champion terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s execution started coming in.

Pakistan, according to sources, has declared state mourning today and tomorrow while its offices will remain closed on Saturday afternoon as mark of respect to the departed soul. Flags in the country will fly at half-mast and prayer sessions will be organised at terror camps across the country. Season two campus recruitments that were supposed to happen across major terror camps have been postponed indefinitely, a source said.

"Today is a dark day in the history of Pakistan. A day that snatched away a great son of the pious soil of this great country. May his soul rest in peace and not capture a dingy and roam around," Pakistani president Zardari said.

“We are appalled at India taking such a drastic step. Kasab killed a few people but then he didn’t deserve such a harsh punishment. You could have made him Mamata Banerjee’s personal secretary or something for a few days as punishment I think that should have been enough and there was absolutely no need to hang him. I mean are we residing in the Stone Age or something,” a prominent near fossil Pakistani terror mullah said.

Fancy dress
Indian PM was celebrating in advance
A source close to the Indian PM meanwhile claimed that the jazzy shirt that the Singh wore at the recent ASEAN summit was in celebration of this most anticipated moment. “He was told about the pending execution few days back and wanted to display his excitement without any delay. Since he is not allowed to talk without madam’s (Sonia Gandhi) permission, he took the easy way out and more this sparkly shirt,” the source said.   


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