White House ghosts evenly split between Obama and Romney

A survey of resident ghosts of the White House has not shown a clear winner.

White House
The US presidential race is evenly split and there are no two ways about it. The even split in votes goes all the way transgressing the alive world right into the nether world. A survey of ghosts of former US presidents residing in the US president’s home in Washington DC by The Pacific Paranormal Society (TIPS) has shown that 49 percent of them back Obama while 48 percent want Romney to be the next resident of the White House. 3 percent were outside coverage area, presumably away haunting other places when TIPS tried reaching them. This poll has a margin of error of 2-3 percent, TIPS said.

The poll covered a range of subjects close to ghosts including foreign policy, healthcare and ofcourse, jobs. “The race is too close to call even in next plane. We contacted over 23 former US presidents as part of this wacky opinion poll and found that both the 2012 presidential candidates have nearly equal backing among these spooky denizens. While Obama won in areas such as Obamacare and war on terror, Romney took a clear lead on the jobs and bloopers front. The full results of this poll will be published by Thursday,” said Pill Huxley, Lead Paranormal Investigator for TIPS.

Among all respondents, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln was the unhappiest one. “He was concerned about the economy and the fact that they had a shut a window in the Oval Office that was his favourite haunting joint,” Huxley said.  An unidentified ghost haunting the Air Force One refused to participate in the poll.


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