Kejriwal has evidence of life outside the solar system: IAC

In a shocking development, India Against Corruption (IAC) has claimed that Arvind Kejriwal had recently stumbled upon irrefutable proof of life outside the solar system. IAC claimed that it will come out with more details in a press conference to be held on November 11 in Silchar, West Bengal.

Is there life beyond our solar system?
“Yes, it is true, we have come across evidence to support the assertion that life has evolved outside the confines of our solar system. We came across strong evidence to this effect while we were busy sifting through tons of documentation and other material to prove the involvement of various politicians in scams across the country. A senior member of the current government is aware of this,” an IAC spokesperson said.
IAC claims that it also has evidence for plenty of things, including alien visitation, and will reveal them at a convenient time.  

NASA and SETI declined to comment on the development. 


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