I am not going to wear a LPG cap: Priyanka Chopra

Alleged actor Priyanka Chopra has lashed out at the Indian government for ‘making citizens wear a LPG cap’. The wooden or rather plastic actor attacked the central government for ‘ignoring the sensitivities of fashion-abiding citizens’.

Pune Aunties Assn. (PAA) protesting
against the LPG cap
“Yes, I have heard about the LPG cap and I am completely against it. How can you make an entire nation wear a similar cap just because a few individuals in the government feel so? I mean it is so lame. Even if it is a good looking cap, still you shouldn’t expect the entire country to wear it,” she said trying to flash one of her 100 percent plastic smiles at reporters who ran helter skelter trying to avoid seeing it. But it was too late for a few who collapsed on the spot as soon as they witnessed the spooky smile.

“I will protest against this. This is not fair and there are things other than caps that the government needs to focus on. Haven’t they noticed how the prices of essential cosmetics are sky rocketing? At this rate, people will soon have to move around without make up and that will create multiple law and order problems,” Chopra said.

When reminded that a cap is not a ‘physical cap’, but a restriction on the number of subsidised LPG cylinders available every year, Chopra lashed out at journalists and bloggers. “What do you mean by that? You expect me to carry a dictionary to decode everything you say? A cap is a cap and it has nothing to do with cylinders or anything and don’t you dare think I don’t read newspapers. I read them every single day. In fact I know that US will be getting its first non-white president soon,” she said.

By the time she enlightened the gathering with her immense knowledge of US elections, journalists from tier one publications had left. The only ones remaining were scribes who wanted to know who her next boyfriend would be. 


Saru Singhal said…
How do you coin the adjectives? Hilarious. :)
:) thanks Saru..all credit goes to Ms Chopra ;)

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