Pressure mounts on Rahul Gandhi to initiate an affair after l’affair Bilawal Bhutto

Shortly after Bhutto scion Bilawal Zardari Bhutto and Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar were rumoured to have developed a relationship, the media in India along with some Congress politicians rushed to Gandhi scion Rahul and asked him to do something similar.

Hina Rabbani Khar
Pakistan according to sources is abuzz with reports of a love affair between Chotu 10 percent Bilawal Bhutto and foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar. The episode was brought to light by a reputed Bangladeshi tabloid and India’s very own tabloid Times of India is planning to carry the story on its front page tomorrow along with detailed analysis and expert opinion. The newspaper has already signed up 3 sponsors for the story, Bennet and Coleman sources told Humor Unplugged.

And it doesn’t end here. Within an hour of the story hitting the wires, a delegation of media persons and prominent Congress politicians visited Rahul Gandhi and urged him to develop a relationship with someone prominent. The contention of the political half of the delegation was that Rahul Gandhi was not in the news for quite some time now and that the nation had almost forgotten him while PM Manmohan Singh was hogging the limelight reviving the animal instincts of the nation’s sleepy economy.

Rahul Gandhi with the delegation
The media guys on the other hand were even more frank. “We haven’t had a good spicy story since ages. These days stories are all about the amount of lakhs of crores some politician has pocketed and people are getting bored. Even Arnab Goswami was caught recycling his questions the other day and was unable to display his trademark contempt for corrupt politicians as he was tired of doing so. Point is we need a break to report on something interesting and then we will revert to scams,” a semi-bald guy resembling former Air Deccan Chief Topinath claiming to be Indian Express’ coup spotter in chief said.

Rahul Gandhi patiently heard the delegation and promised to respond in a few days.


Anonymous said…
Considering his tastes and preferences, Rahul "G" has lots of options: for example Sachin Tendulkar and Shahruk; rub nay banaadi jodi...
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lovely Neha said…
This Bangladeshi newspaper, Weekly Blitz has published a couple of reports on the issue stating about “cold war inside Presidential Palace in Pakistan”. There is no official statement or rejoinder to this report from the Pakistani authorities in last 24 hours. Silence of Pakistani authorities give more credibility to this report to be prolific.
True indeed...but eitherway the entertainment quotient is what attracted me to this one :) so true or not...its a really good story..took a tabloid in bangaladesh to figure this one out :)

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