Katrina Kaif loses temper again; this time she was asked to act

While shooting for a soap advert recently, Katrina Kaif reportedly lost her cool when the director asked her to pose. The director was apparently not satisfied with Katrina's 'seductive' act and wanted a retake. But Katrina got angry and warned the director not to push the envelope. Well this was two days ago. Today, she lost her cool again and gave a good dressing down to a newbie director who wanted her to ‘act’ as per the script, reliable sources claimed. The director has since been replaced.

"Director hoga apney ghar ka" says
the voice over
The incident happened at a prominent studio today morning. Everything was proceeding as per plan till Katrina started her shoot and gave her first shot. The director was extremely disappointed with Katrina’s acting prowess and called for a retake. After 15 retakes, the director calmly told Katrina to stop pouting her lips and 'act' as per the script. Katrina apparently jumped off her chair when she heard the word act.

Seething with anger, Katrina started hissing and saying something in mute. She was saying something but no audible words were coming out from her mouth. Within seconds her voice over artist rushed to the scene and mouthed the words the famous actress wanted to say loudly or as loud as Katrina would have been.    

 Picture of calm after the
“I have never acted in my entire career here (Bollywood). No director has ever asked me to do that. All I am here for is to do item numbers and make weird faces. I didn’t join Bollywood to act. If I wanted to act I would have joined the Iranian film industry. People never go to theatres to watch me act. If you ask me, the government may act against corrupt politicians in the future. But I will never act in Bollywood and I have sworn to never let an iota of emotion escape from my visage, even accidentally. So go do your job and stop inciting me to act,” Katrina’s voice over artist said trying to lip-sync for her.

The director was then removed from the scene and a new guy was brought in his place. This dude asked her to chill and focus on her most important part in the movie – the item number. The guy even got her to pose for a few poster shots for the movie, right in the middle of the shoot.

Humor Unplugged has been warned not to name any of the sub characters involved in the incident. Katrina however agreed to let us carry the story and her name, provided we make her look beautiful in the pics.


Saru Singhal said…
She is act, she is here to pout and dance. And rest can be taken care by the politicians who can actually act and make fool of the people. :D
yea saru..all that acting that the bollywood guys cant do...these jokers do it inside and outside parliament.. :(

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