Indian PM assures the nation – 1991 will not be allowed to happen

A Humor Unplugged exclusive 

PM Manmohan Singh has lashed out at critics who claimed that a deep economic crisis akin to 1991 was looming on the horizon. In a rare interview with Humor Unplugged, the PM urged people to think big as big as the scams his government was orchestrating on the nation and advised patience while suggesting that the nation has weathered bigger storms before.

The PM pulling an imaginary coalition partner
Humor Unplugged’s resident mime Bhoopain Chow-bey met the PM recently and had a brief interaction with him in a language the latter is comfortable with – extreme silence. “In 1991, Bhappi Lahiri didn’t have all that gold and that is a huge difference. If things go bad, we will mortgage him to beef up our cash position even before we pledge our IMF reserves. So why is everyone getting worried? Bhappi has enough gold on him to foot our import bill for the next 5 years atleast. He is a cushion in more ways than one,” the Indian PM said while enacting a complex mime routine effortlessly.

When asked about his stoic silence on all issues concerning his government, the PM executed a new mime movement and explained “the problem with this country is that the people who are supposed to speak stay silent while those who needn’t speak are opening their mouth long enough for generations of flies to reside. Every time I tried to open my mouth, our fellow partymen Diggi or Manish Tiwari would speak before me and the media (including social media) gave extensive coverage to their random distractive blabbering. This occurred so often that I finally gave up speaking altogether and turned mime. But these journalists do not understand the language of mimes so I was considered a mute PM”.

Explaining his stand further the PM said “people need to learn how to talk less and work more. I have figured out the first part and am now working on the second part. I need your time and patience”.
Chow-bey wanted to ask more questions but couldn’t as the PM had to rush to the parliament to maintain complete silence on an issue of national interest.


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indu chhibber said…
Ha ha,I guess some people would like us all to adopt extreme silence as well.
Saru Singhal said…
Such a refresher to read you after so long. BTW, I love the photo, with such a rocking PM, nothing can dampen the spirits of our country.
Thanks Saru... yea...looks like this post inspired the dude to roll out some action...the day this was posted...the markets will react on Monday..showing strong approval...

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