Tunnel beneath Arnab Gowswami’s house causes controversy

A neatly dug tunnel discovered beneath the home of nation’s self-appointed watchdog and anchor Arnab Gowswami caused a series of unwanted incidents in Mumbai, last week.

Vandalised Times Now studio
The tunnel was discovered when Arnab's wife Pipi Goswami on a routine stroll tripped on an old unused iPad left by Arnab on their lawn and fell into a 4-1/2 feet hole. This was the mouth of the tunnel. Pipi then got up and explored the tunnel which had an oxygen tube and provision for storing papers containing 32 questions. The tunnel led Pipi to the home of a young Times Now journo and when Pipi came out at the other end, she saw the lady basking in her lawn.

Pipi recognised her instantly and started questioning her. The journo greeted Pipi and said she had no knowledge of the tunnel and that the whole thing was quite an unpleasant surprise. Pipi however threatened to bury her in the tunnel unless she told the truth. Hearing the threat, the journo started running, scaled the boundary wall, jumped down and ran away. Pipi didnt chase her as she was clear that only a rat that stayed in her house and was upto no good had dug the tunnel.

By the time she returned, Arnab had left for the Times Now studio to shoot Newshour. So she drove down to the studio where Newshour was being shot. As always Arnab was screaming 13 questions at the same time directed at Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari on the coal scam. Pipi barged into the studio, held Arnab by the collar and asked him why he had dug a tunnel on their lawn. Arnab said he didn’t know anything about any tunnel.

By this time BJP leader Arun Jaitley who till then was enjoying the proceedings and grilling Tiwari, asked Pipi to chill down and take up domestic issues in the late night edition. Pipi simply waved her handbag and Jaitley was seen flying across the room fast enough to appear as a unidentified projectile on the radar of an IAF base nearby. Tiwari slowly wriggled away while Arnab adjusted his glasses and tried to breathe.

Arnab repeated his denial but Pipi was in no mood to listen. She hung him by his collar on a camera crane and started thrashing him left, right and center with a steady cam. Meanwhile a few of her supporters who she had messaged came down to the studio and started vandalising the place. All this while Arnab was still hanging by the crane. In desperation he pulled out his Blackberry from his pocket and sent a SoS SMS to Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. In his message he claimed that some rumor mongers from Pakistan had sent hate filled SMSs to his wife which had caused her to lose her sanity.

Shinde immediately dispatched two companies of RAF to the site and the troopers held a flag march in the Times Now studio premises. The mob was dispersed and Arnab and Pipi were advised to go home and settle matters within the confines of their home.

After reaching home, Pipi plugged the tunnel and moved Arnab to the dog house.


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