Pak moves to get heritage tag for illegal Kashmir tunnel

In a move to prevent India from plugging the 400 mts long illegal tunnel dug by Pakistan army along the international border in Samba sector, Pakistan has asked UNESCO to declare the tunnel as a heritage site. A request to this effect was made by the Pakistani government yesterday.

The tunnel is near the International Border 
In a letter to UNESCO, Pakistan has asked the UN body to prevent India from closing the tunnel. To support its claim on the heritage status, it attached clips from a news show aired by a local channel claiming that the tunnel was dug during by none other than living fossil Syed Shah Geelani along with his fellow Neanderthals 17600 years ago. “This tunnel is a piece of history and we knew about this since ages. But it looks like the Indians were not aware and are therefore creating a huge ruckus on this one. They should just chill and accept the fact that this is a historic tunnel. Geelani and his family members dug this tunnel to run away from human beings who were residing in what is now Indian Kashmir,” a senior Pak foreign affairs ministry official told Humor Unplugged.  

“It is not that dramatic. The tunnel was actually dug around 17000 years ago when Geelani launched a separatist movement demanding a separate homeland for a few species of Aurochs. When the Aurochs came to know of his game plan, he was chased by them and he hid in a forest in the area which forms the International Border between India and Pakistan now. He then dug the tunnel to escape from the forest undetected by the Aurochs,” a Pak palaeontologist said discounting the earlier version given to us by the Pak bureaucrat.
Pakistan has also said that if nothing else, the tunnel should be named Peace and Cooperation tunnel and should be kept open as a Confidence Building Measure between the two countries. Pak further asked India to withdraw the Indian Army from the areas adjoining the tunnel to indicate the latter's seriousness about peace with Pakistan. “When it comes to peace we are as serious as Daffy Duck and do not accept any compromise on peace. It is either peace or nothing. We want India to do the same,” the same Pak foreign affairs ministry official said.

Times of India and Dawn have already written on this to PMs of India and Pakistan respectively.


Roshan said…
hilarious.. absolutely loving this blog.. so many cool 'headlines' to read :)
:) Thanks Roshan glad you liked it :)
GhorMaanas said…
'living fossil Syed Shah Geelani' - can anything be more appropriate?! stupendous!!

on a serious note, beware SS, lest pakistani websites lift 'ideas' from this piece here & create articles on their pages describing their (alternate) 'glorious' versions of paki history ;)
GhorMaanas said…
'living fossil Syed Shah Geelani' - can anything else be more approriate? stupendous!

on a serious note, beware SS, lest pakistani websites lift 'ideas' from this piece here to create articles of their own & showcase them on their pages as (alternate) versions of their own 'glorious' history ;)
hahah :D Thanks GM will watch out for the cross border copy cats ;)

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