Indian Hockey team dissolved, former members to float political party soon

It seems like politics is attracting losers from all walks of life these days. The Indian Hockey team, which won the prestigious wooden spoon at the London Olympics, has become the latest addition to this list. Last Saturday, the team announced its grandiose plans of floating a national political party.

An Indian player takes possession of the ball for the first
time in 3 matches
It’s not even a week since Team Anna’s agitation fizzled out without a whimper. The exit strategy deployed by Team Anna strategists was to buy time to float a political party. Following in Team Anna’s footsteps, the disgraced Indian Hockey team recently announced that the team is being dissolved and members will soon float a political party to contest the 2014 elections. As per multiple updates on the status page of the Indian hockey team, the party will contest elections in 300 Lok Sabha seats across the country and work towards improving the condition of Indian hockey from ‘within the system’.

Speaking exclusively to Humor Unplugged, team captain Bharat Chetri said “so far we were trying to reform the state of hockey in India by trying from the outside and we didn’t quite succeed. So now we will try and reform Indian hockey by being part of the system. We are open to tying up with likeminded parties who want to work for the betterment of Indian hockey”.

UPA IIs bean bag Sharad Pawar meanwhile said that he is open to joining hands with the new party provided he is given a cushy number 2 chair at all coordination committee meetings. BJP meanwhile lashed out at the government saying that it had failed to such an extent that everyone was copying UPA’s failure and trying to outdo it. “Arrey the other day I went on a diet. It was not a fast but a well-planned ice age diet. But I failed and I owe my failure to the UPA and its diversionary tactics. UPA has failed so much that it is now failing at failing,” said BJP president Nithin Gadkari.        

Cong unofficial spokesperson Diggi meanwhile asked reporters to report on the good things that are happening in the country. When we asked him to cite a sample, Diggi said he was getting a call from his imaginary friend on his dig-Pad and excused himself.


Team VARKEE said…
From the world's top spot these jokers have taken us to the last spot in olympics.

Your alternative sounds good.. They should ideally start with a fast like Anna, then march to the parliament demanding Arjun Awards for all the participants, get arrested and then float a political party.
hahah :) thanks TV...the problem is we have too many clowns per capita in this country :(
indu chhibber said…
Is the new name of lok sabha going to be losers' sabha?
hahah :D could be Indu..could be

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