Pakistan to start drone tourism

In an attempt to make some money out of the pounding it is receiving in its border areas courtesy US drone attacks, Pakistan today announced that it will be launching what it calls drone tourism, soon. 

A drone
According to senior official in the Pakistan tourism ministry, the plan involves taking batches of tourists to areas from where they can spot US drones pounding terrorist targets in its restive border provinces. The tourists will also be given an opportunity to pound the same targets using a made in china drone donated by the Chinese government to Pakistan Air Force, after the US drones have left. The families of proven terrorists killed in such attacks will be compensated by the Pakistani government using funds earmarked for its Terrorism Development activities.

A paid protest
Tourists will also be given a chance to participate in fake rallies and protests against the drone strikes. These rallies are often organised on the lines of flash mobs in other countries and are sponsored by the Pakistani government. They will also be allowed to pen speeches threatening US and asking it to stop violating Pakistan's sovereignty, immediately.  

The Moth Eaten Mullah Association of Pakistan (MEMAP) has condemned the Pakistani government for ‘commercialising the pain and misery” of its brethren in border areas. MEMA has said that it is planning to develop its own drones made from bee wax to take on these ‘kafir tourists’ in the near future.    


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You do coin most ingenuous terms-MEMAP IS BRILLIANT.
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