Moody’s downgrades God

Credit rating agency Moody’s has downgraded God from ‘reliable’ to ‘occasionally useful’.  The new rating was announced by an agency spokeswoman on Friday in London.

“The new rating broadly reflects Moody’s outlook on god, agnostic of religious affiliations. We must understand that times have changed and god is no longer taking an active interest in running the world. This not only affects people across the world, but also weighs on governments’ standalone ability to manage the on-going global economic crisis,” the spokeswoman said while reading out a prepared statement.

It may be remembered that Moody’s mood swings caused it downgrade over 50000 entities last week including pet shops, saloons, automobile service centres and water treatment plants. But the latest move of downgrading god has been condemned by many analysts. “Moody’s has lost it big time. I think they need to consult a shrink,” an analyst said.


indu chhibber said…
Very witty-You have picked up a nice target,it looks as if moody is the new God.
:D hahaha actually no one is listening to they are screaming for atten...:)

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