BJP outsources sack Chidambaram campaign to Accenture

In what has been hailed as an innovative move by few, India's alleged opposition party BJP has outsourced its sack Chidambaram campaign to technology and consultancy major Accenture.

Under the terms of the agreement, Accenture will execute and manage BJP's Sack Chidambaram project end-to-end (from conceptualisation to execution and post-project management) and figure out innovative ways to seek his resignation, every single day for the next 17 months, Accenture said in a statement. This is the first time a major Indian party has outsourced a key political project to an IT consulting company in the history of Indian politics.

Too big to fall?
It may be remembered that the BJP has been trying to get Union Home Minister P Chidambaram to resign since UPA-II took over. It is said that at one point, BJP even agreed to let one of its key office bearers to resign provided Chidu too resigned as part of the bargain. Many in BJP tried their luck many times but, gave up as Chiduji remained as stubborn as a mule in summer.

“We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business goal and Accenture will deliver tangible Return on Investment (RoI) at the earliest,” said our source in Accenture's Political Management Consulting practice.

Our source in the BJP meanwhile declined to comment on the development and asked us to check the blog maintained by a senior party leader for an off the record remark. Alleged ruling party Congress, meanwhile, asked us to speak to the CAG as they know more about the government than the party. 


Srivatsan V said…
This is what we call "High-Tech Protest" or "New Age Revolt" I think
:) whatever you cannot do...let someone else do it..that seems to be the catchphrase here..
indu chhibber said…
Oh yes,CAG knows more than anyone else in the country...BTW why give up on Subramanian Swamy?
:) he knows too much Indu...right now we dont to know everything that Dr Swamy knows...

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