Sourav Ganguly’s wig to quit Pune Warriors after IPL-5

Irrespective of the outcome of IPL 5, Sourav Ganguly’s wig has decided to call it quits from the world of cricket. In a statement issued late last night, a spokesperson for Ganguly’s wig said that the toupee has seen it all as far as cricket is concerned and would now like to move on and enjoy a retired existence.

“There are many things I would like to do over the next few years and my association with the Pune Warriors captain is keeping me tied to the game. I would like to explore new frontiers of imagination and creativity and move on. In case Sourav wants to continue without me, I wish him all the best in all his future endeavours,” so said a statement read out by the wig’s spokesperson on its behalf.  

Ganguly and his wig have been attached to each other for the last 4 years.

Ganguly hints at quitting Pune Warriors
Wig, Sourav and some guy
engaged in a conversation
The Pune Warriors skipper has followed in former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa’s footsteps and praised Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s leadership. Sources familiar with statement mongering trends say that this is a clear sign that the Pune Warriors captain is ready to quit his post.

“She (Sonia Gandhi) is a great leader. Whenever she lands in any part of the country, congressmen unite like they are on the sets of a Sooraj Bharjatya movie. The moment she leaves, they are back to slitting each other’s throats. But while she is around they behave like they are one happy family with every congressman acting like Amol Palekar – innocent and gentle,” Sourav said.

Sources close to the former Indian captain refused to confirm or deny the development. “Dada will take a final decision after confabulations with Dadi(Mamata Banerjee). You bloggers should have patience and wait before writing such posts. You are not going to attract any audience by publishing such stuff in advance,” a rather concerned Ganguly family member said. He also refused to comment on Sourav praising Sonia Gandhi.  


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