Jaya Bachchan finally speaks in the Rajya Sabha

Famous actor and Mrs Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan finally got up to speak in the Rajya Sabha, on Friday. The accomplished actor who has been a member of the house of elders and rich megalomaniacs for quite some time has not spoken a word in the house since becoming a member. All that however changed on Friday when she rose to speak.

The house on Friday was in middle of a voracious debate on various issues with Indian’s primary opposition party – TMC harassing the union government on many issues. That is when Jaya Bachchan rose to speak, drawing much cheer from members including a few rich ones who were busy discussing their weekend cruise schedule. House chairman and Vice President Hameed Ansari almost fell from his chair when he saw Jaya standing at her seat wishing to speak.

According to 'India TV', 91+99 add up
to 190 which numerologically is the number for intimacy
Amid much encouragement from fellow MPs, Jaya spoke and the question she raised shocked many of them so much that there was a stunned silence across the floor of the house for almost 130 seconds – which is a record in itself.  Bachchan said “sir, could you please tell me what is the procedure to change one's seat?” One could see a few MPs slithering away towards the door others were quickly texting their spouses and girlfriends on the first twist in the Rajya Sabha story since the house was instituted. The speaker asked Bachchan to sit down and chill for a while. He then instructed one of his staff members to assist Jaya in the process.

Bachchan, a Samajwadi Party MP, occupies seat number 91 and the seat allotted to Rekha is 99 - right behind her. Bachchan requested for a seat change apparently to avoid proximity to the actress, a gossipy source said. However, since the procedure to change one's seat takes long, Bachchan may swap her seat with another member from her party, said the source.

Meanwhile senile MPs across parties are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rekha. “She is the reason I am here. I have had a crush on her since late 70s and the only reason why I purchased this seat is to meet her as I knew sooner or later she will turn up in the Rajya Sabha,” a rich industrialist member said.


indu chhibber said…
Today she is seated behind her----but she has been behind her since ages!!!
:D theres some chemistry there for sure ;))

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