US puts a $10m bounty on terrorist; Pak Army moves him to bigger bungalow

In a clear indication of Pakistan’s continuing commitment to the war on terror, Pakistan has moved Lashkar-e-Taiba chief patron Hafiz Muhammed Saeed to a bigger house just after US placed a $10mn bounty on his head. Sources say that the move is aimed at hiding the 26-11 plotter and ensuring he is placed in a bungalow that is inline with his status as a major terrorist.

Saeed addressing a Pakistani army recruitment rally
“Yesterday evening we received orders to shift Col. Saeed (he is an Honorary Colonel in Pak army) to a bigger house downtown and we moved him promptly under full security. He will be housed in that bungalow till further orders. We have been told that Col. Saeed is now among the biggest terrorists in Pakistan and so we need to take good care of him and ensure that he is hidden well,” a Pak army Major involved in the operation to shift Saeed said.

It remains to be seen if Pakistan Army will accord the same level of security to Saeed that it gave to Osama Bin Laden. As soon as Saeed moved in to the new house, he issued two videotaped threats to his main enemies, India and USA. The Major also told us that as part of its new pay per threat plan, Pakistan now offers additional incentives to terrorists who issue atleast one threat every fortnight. “A videotaped threat or one made over the internet fetches better rewards from ISI,” he said.


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