Mamata Banerjee's cat in trouble for hobnobbing with commie cat

Reports trickling in from Kolkata suggest an imminent danger to the life of Mamata Banerjee's pet Chandrabali. The feline had apparently angered West Bengal CM by dating an unidentified commie cat staying in the neighbourhood. 

Video grab -Inset: Mamata Banerjee threatens Chandrabali
and a scared feline reacts
When informed about the transgression, an angry Mamata dispatched her errant boy Derek o' Brien to locate the cat which had allegedly eloped with the commie cat and bring her to the queen of Bengal. With great difficulty Derek managed to catch  Chandrabali which had by then scratched him so much that he looked like Simi Garewal’s right hand in winter.

The scared and palpitating cat was repeatedly threatened by Mamata to stay away from communists, much to the dismay of kitty right activists in Kolkata. Mamata has also transferred Kolkata’s police commissioner for not informing her about the incident earlier.

It may be remembered that Mamata had issued a diktat to all her party members to stay away from all types of communists.  Informed sources have told your favourite blog that the West Bengal CM is taking revenge on the people of her state for electing her. "She was quite comfortable in the opposition and was enjoying all that power without any responsibility. But now that she is the CM, she is at sea as far as governance and leadership are concerned," our source in TMC said.

Derek o' Brien meanwhile lashed out at social media and Humor Unplugged for making a mountain out of a mole hill. "You guys need to find some real jobs for yourself so that the society can be at peace. What's the harm if our CM gets angry with her pet? Don't you all get angry with your pets too? You all are a bunch of jobless hoodlums out there to sully the image of our divine CM," Derek  said. When asked as to what he was doing these days, Derek pretended to faint and had to be carried away by TMC goons.  

The unidentified commie cat has meanwhile gone missing from his residence. "We last saw him two days ago, resting in the lawn and haven't seen him ever since," a commie said. Civil rights activists held a candle light vigil on Tuesday evening to show solidarity with the missing feline. 


Revacious said…
Lol. Mamata keeps going from crazy to bat-shit-crazy. Heard that one where a man got arrested for forwarding a mail with funny cartoons on her?
:) She was never sane to begin good thing is that the nation has now seen this side of her...Former Indian PM Vajpayee will tell you how much of a nuisance she was when the NDA was in power...too bad he never spoke openly about it..
indu chhibber said…
Ha ha what a jolly beginning to my day-reading 2 posts one after another...BTW what has poor simi done to be remembered by you time & again ?
::D Thanks yaa..Simi is still haunting some part of my memory :(((

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