Judge grants divorce to lady in a forced Facebook 'Like' case

In a first of its type case, a Silchar HC judge has granted divorce to a woman who was often forced by her husband to like every Facebook update posted by him.

The judgement came after a marathon session that began at 9 am and ended with the judge granting divorce at 5 pm. Both sides traded accusations and allegations with the husband claiming that his wife was having affairs with multiple men since she used to press the ‘Like’ button generously for updates posted by them, but not him.

The wife on the other hand said that her husband would force her to like his silly updates which included a morphed picture of Mamata Banerjee dressed up as Wonder Woman. The judge was aghast when he heard this. “How can a sane person do this? You are imagining a blunder woman as Wonder Woman? This is travesty of sanity and represents utter lack of sensitivity. I mean Wonder Woman was my idol when I was growing up and I used to imagine her saving me from the evil and tyrannical Bogey Man. Wonder Woman is a superlady while Mamata Banerjee is barely human; let alone super human,” he observed.    

“The Like button is a power that comes with responsibility and we must use this power with discretion and should not misuse this power, use it for nefarious purposes or force someone to use it against her will,” the judge remarked. Instructing the government to come up with comprehensive guidelines on use of ‘Like’ button, the judge said “It is now upto the government to come out with a charter on how people should be using this powerful feature. It is this court’s opinion that people need to be educated on the use of the Like button”.  

While granting divorce, the judge asked both sides to introspect and move on with their lives. The judge also ordered the man to remove the morphed picture of Mamata as Wonder Woman from his Facebook profile.


indu chhibber said…
Look what this world has come to---this blunder woman is among the 100 most powerful women today....we might as well accept her as a wonder,8th wonder ????????
:) 8th Blunder is more like it Indu :))))))
Harshil B Shah said…
Silchar? did the husband have a pony tail ?
Harshil B Shah said…
Silchar? did the husband have a pony tail ? Should have dared to think beyond courts
:D the guy could be related yaa ;))
Ana_treek said…
Hahahaha..I like this one, super like!

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