Dare to think beyond ICBMs: Arindam Chaudhuri

Buoyed by the success of Agni V, pony tailed disaster Arindam Chaudhuri today announced that he will soon launch a pilot project to develop what he calls a ‘people’s missile’.

Dummy with a dummy
“Our tagline will be ‘dare to think beyond ICBMs’ and our missile will have course material from IIPM’s award winning, globally recognised and placement guaranteed courses as payload. In addition there will be my soundbites on Indian economy, a wooden laptop and CDs of ‘Rok Sako toh Rok Lo’ to torture the enemy. We will charge them for the laptop and course material separately. It is a sure fire plan that we have conceived and there is no way we will fail,” Chaudhuri said.

Chaudhuri claimed that in the larger scheme of things, his missile was much better than an ICBM since the payload is more lethal. The missile will be test fired sometime in December this year after UGC issues a warning to students to stay away from IIPM for the 35th time.

On hearing the news, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said “We have more reliable bull$h!t carrying platforms in our arsenal. We have spent more than half a century feeding our people all kinds of lies so we are not worried about this missile”.


indu chhibber said…
S S are you happy now-your bete noir is suitably & fully covered.
:D:D yeap...totally;)
Harshil B Shah said…
Dont write about him.might drag you to Silchar or worse unleash his Students comments on you :-P Thoroughly enjoyed it
Harshil B Shah said…
This guys mere photo in the papers can make anyone laugh
:D thanks for the warning buddy..but dont worry..on these mountains where I live, there is only court - the one where god is the judge.. :)

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