Vijay Mallya will have to mortgage his title "King of Good Times" with SBI

Times are indeed tough for liquor baron Vijay Mallya. India’s biggest bank, ‘surprisingly’ SBI has asked him to mortgage his title “King of Good Times”(KoGT) with it for non-payment of dues by Kingfisher Airlines.

Forbes India has shown
some babu as KoGT on
its latest cover
The decision was conveyed to Mallya last night and he has been given 3 days to comply. Humor Unplugged has learnt that a very senior babu in the SBI, a pan chewing near fossil is interested in getting the title for himself.

 “Yes, I was told by my boss that a very senior member of the management of SBI wants to have the title and so my team was asked to draft a mail after office hours and deliver it to Mallya before 9 pm. We promptly did that,” a senior member of SBI’s marketing team told Humor Unplugged on condition of anonymity.

Our sources claim that babus in Indian Oil Skytanking (another Kingfisher Airlines creditor) were also interested in getting the title. Senior Mallya was unavailable for comment while junior had passed out at a pub in Mumbai.


Nitin Jain said…
times are tough for the king of good how about an interview of the King with the Times Now editor Aranab during these bad times !!
ahaha :D that will only add to his misery buddy ;)
Saru Singhal said…
These are hilarious phrases

India’s biggest bank, ‘surprisingly’

a pan chewing near fossil

And of course Sid will pass out in a pub, he is not handling the break up well...Poor he...

BTW, even I want that title. I will make it queen...:)
Hey thanks for that really inspiring comment there :) Sid has plenty of things on his mind now and I am not talking about you want to be the Queen of Good Times..will suit you well :)))
Tia said…
deepika should bail kingfisher out! considering the amount of baap ka paisa that has been lavished on her by Sid mallya! ;)
yea doo but if she bails out KF, she will ask mallya to rename the airline after her..which means disaster...eitherway :(
Saru Singhal said…
I know, he is busy with many things, KF staff is threating to go on strike. And I will use the 'queen' title in my name...:)
:D as you wish Oh Queen Saru :D

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