Is Kapil Sibal part of an iPad black marketing gang?

That’s what we felt after we came across incriminating evidence showing the union HRD and Telecom minister  walking out from an Apple store in London last week with 3 iPads in tow.

Sibal with an unidentified lady
outside the iStore
From Tokyo to Sydney, London to New York, thousands waited and waited to get their hands on the third materialistic incarnation of the iPad. Some who didn’t like the idea of sleeping on a cold pavement paid as much as £300 to skip the queue. While this was happening, some agents were buying as many as 70 iPads only to ship them off illegally to countries like India where the latest version won’t be officially available until end of next month.

I got my iPad :)
While strolling around we saw Kapil Sibal patiently waiting in the queue with an unidentified lady by his side. As soon as Sibal got his iPad, he jumped up in jubilation, gave hi fives and hugged a few people in the store. Everything was fine so far but we couldn't help notice that Mr Sibal had ordered 3 iPads for himself and this is what aroused our suspicion that he could be part of the gang that smuggles iPads into India.

Anyway, we hope Sibal uses his new iPad(s) to comprehend the idea of a free and uncensored WWW and goes easy on monitoring netizens.


Revacious said…
Ahahahaha.. WHERE do u get such "news" from?
anyway, yay for internet freedom!!
:D a bird told me :))
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...But he doesn't deserve it. If he has three, he can surely give the two extras to you and me. Specially because the last line rhymed...:)

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