Dick Cheney’s old heart will be disposed properly: Obama

Cheney got a new heart today. But environmentalists across US were worried about the disposal of his old toxic heart.

President Obama has assured all US citizens that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s old heart will not pose any threat to the ecology of the country in any manner. “I can assure every American that my administration is taking every possible precaution in disposing of Vice President Dick Cheney’s old heart. I am personally monitoring the whole exercise and will ensure that there is 0 ecological impact and adherence to EPA norms at all levels and all steps,” Obama said in a statement issued Sunday morning.

Workers in protective clothing take away Dick Cheney’s
old heart  
Cheney’s old heart according to sources is the same one he had during Gulf war II and the war on terror. This heart is extremely toxic and Cheney relied on it to make some ‘tough’ and inhuman decisions during his career which became the subject of criticism later on. Cheney was advised many times to have it removed at the earliest but the former VP was in no mood to oblige and persisted with his old heart till it began to ask for a share in oil contracts awarded to his firm American Shale Oil, LLC.  

Cheney’s new heart runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and has a USB port in it.


icyhighs said…
"Cheney’s new heart runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and has a USB port in it."

Doctors claim it's more human than his old heart.
:) Thanks IH hahah :) yeap anything with an USB port running on an OS will be more human than any part of Cheney esp his heart ;))
Revacious said…
Ahahaha.. razor-sharp humour you've got there, Sherpa!

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