Bangalore first city to have ‘pooly’ roads

Bangalore, the national pothole capital has added another feather to its cap. It has become the first city in the world to have water filled roads. The city’s infrastructure management body the Bangalore Development Authority has decided to convert certain stretches of its roads into water ways to allow citizens to swim or wade across.

The 'pooly' road
“Yes, it is true this monsoon you bloggers will have one less topic to crib about. You fellows should take a look at that swanky road we have built, I say. It will be filled with water 24X7 from leaky Bangalore Water Supply Board pipes and so there won’t be any chance of a pothole developing there. You can swim away to your office, hire a catamaran or simply float around. We are turning the city into a giant water world. Now go and bother someone else and let me play solitaire in peace,” a BDA babu said.

Humor Unplugged got an exclusive peek at the watery road. It is definitely in a better shape than the roads Bangalore has now.


Revacious said…
they cant turn the damn city into Shanghai, so they took a shot at Venice instead. :\
:( seems true Revacious :( seeeems true :(
Leo Paw said…
Bangalore being a big city, thats a necessity. in my town, they are into preserving the life forms. the roads especially are kept aside for the mules. they have ready made mule holes for them to come and occupy anytime.
Oh thats Blr the mule holes are occupied by BDA officials (with all due respect to the mules) :)
Tia said…
water harvesting!!! do the babus know that?
they have heard of it :)
Gargi Gupta said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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