S M Krishna’s wig heads out on a two nation tour

A busy external affairs minister S M Krishna has sent out his wig to do all the talking on his behalf.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that S M Krishna’s wig will be heading to Pakistan and Iran as part of a two-nation tour sometime next week. The trip is intended to send out a strong message that the Indian government is very serious about strengthening its ties with these two important countries in India's neighborhood.

Krishna adjusting his wig
“Yes, sirjee’s toupee is going on a trip to Iran and Pakistan. The idea is to enhance our bilateral relations with them; especially with Iran. The wig will pass through Islamabad where it will hold two rounds of high level talks with senior ministry officials and hand over a letter written by Krishna to beleaguered Pak PM Gilani. In Iran the wig will be part of talks with officials from the oil export minstry there,” a senior bureaucrat in Krishna’s office said.

The wig according to sources will represent Krishna during the trip. Since the external affairs minister was busy with some very important fire fighting on the internal affairs front, he decided to send his wig to tour the two nations.

We are not exactly sure how the wig will be received in these two countries. So stay tuned for updates on this story only on your favourite blog.


indu chhibber said…
this was really great...
Ana_treek said…
hehehehheeheheehe :D..SM Krishna'll cry!
:D haahha :) yeap Ana :) when they forcefully tear the wig off his scalp ;)
Saru Singhal said…
I like the picture a lot...He is caressing it before it sets off to its journey.
:) yea Saru..it does look like that :))

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