Little green men better role models than earthly mischief mongers

The word is out. In a survey carried out across 34 cities in India by your favorite blog, little green men from out there emerged as the top role model for Indian youth.
Unlike other surveys conducted by media where slapping\shirt tearing celebs and page 3 wannabes topped the list of role models, the Humor Unplugged's National Leadership Survey explored various issues faced by the nation and came up with the right questions that were answered with enthusiasm by the respondents (who were happy to partake in a actual survey for the first time). The survey presents the true picture of the state of affairs in the country and truth does hurt.
Ideal role models
The second and third places don’t matter as Indian youth don’t seem to have many ‘real icons’ to look up to. When asked about their preference for a leader who could lead the nation well, over 80 percent voted in favor of green men from any alien planet – this basically means that Indian youth do not believe our leaders can deliver when it comes to inspiring leadership. What’s worse we haven’t yet encountered any alien life-form so far. 10 percent of the respondent base voted for their pets as ideal role models while another 3 percent decided to go with Siri on their iPhones.
The Indian government has asked Humor Unplugged for a copy of the survey which we have mailed to union HRD minister Kapil Sibal. “We will take strong action against those who believe only little green men can be ideal role models,” Sibal said. Prominent opposition leader L K Advani meanwhile blamed everything on the government and said that he will soon embark on a “10-state rath yatra to educate the youth about the misdeeds of the UPA government”.
"What to do, we are among the most role model devoid nations on this planet. When it comes to leadership, we have as many choices as winter vegetables. So I strongly feel little green men will deliver better leadership than our clowns inside parliament who know as much about able leadership as Poonam Pandey knows about our constitution,” an exasperated respondent said while justifying his vote.


Nitin Jain said…
absolutely correct and astute post.

There's a Big Big Despite Hectic, cut throat race for the top job !!
True Nitin...have your piece also..nice read...
indu chhibber said…
Really Deb y do u ignore our evergreen leader Now.Dynamic.Torrid--he will teach all youth to b energetic &optimistic at any age--- still ready to lead the country!so many other leaders too have this UNDYING DESIRE to serve the nation even if there is no grey matter in head & strength in legs.
:) well said Indu..very well said...
Saru Singhal said…
lol...I am going crazy in your company:):):)
:))) yeap thats the story allright ;)
Sujatha Sathya said…
bitter truth told funnily :)

oh btw, u r now spiritual sherpa? woah! when did the transformation happen?
Hey thanks yaa :) yeap..thats my new avtaar :) things have changed :) so the new name :)

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