Iran angers US, releases full page Shiv Sena style ad in Washington Post

In what has been seen as open defiance of US’ stand on nuclear proliferation among ‘pariah’ states, Iran has come out with a full page ad in the Washington Post admitting it has nuclear weapons.

The Iranian Ad
The ad, which will be published in today’s edition of WP, is modelled on the now famous and grammatically impure Shiv Sena ad which came in Mumbai Mirror yesterday. It is an open admission by the Iranian government that it now possesses weapons of mass destruction and that Iran is no longer afraid of admitting this fact. Humor Unplugged found a few mistakes in the copy which seem to be deliberate and inline with the original Shiv Sena ad.

While sources in the Obama administration were unwilling to come on record, a senior official told Humor Unplugged that action against the Iranian regime was only a matter of when, rather than if. "By mocking us, they (Iran) have committed a huge blunder and we will make them pay for it. This joke has been stretched enough and its now time to prevent Iran from threatening world peace, once and for all. Pakistan has already told us that they are ready to host our troops and hardware for the usual monetary consideration and we are considering the offer seriously," the official said.
The Sena ad

When contacted, an Iran Revolutionary Council spokesperson defended the ad saying “It is to demonstrate to the big Yankee, we do have the big cookie now. US can no longer play around with us and we are now ready to give it back to the Yankee imperialists and their goats”.  


Binu Thomas said…
What a timing buddy. With Mumbai going to vote today and Iran - Israel clashing in Delhi, you've hit the nail on the head!!
:D thanks Binu...all credit goes to Iran :)
indu chhibber said…
very topical as usual..what price arrogance?
v have all heard a lot about India's dismal human rights tell us something about the yankees' human rights.
True Indu...many countries are very myopic when it comes to HR...the message for them is first set your house in order before you preach..and this is especially true for China...
Saru Singhal said…
I agree with Binu and honestly I was ROFL after reading it.
Vishal Kataria said…
LOL. Great catch :)

The continuation of that Shiv Sena ad was a little vulgar, but witty nonetheless.
Thanks Vishal...well its an inspiration..and how many parties have made us laugh so much??? :D ;)

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