Amar Singh jumps/falls from chopper, wallet saves him

Amar Singh fell/jumped from his chopper yesterday causing a minor quake in Hamirpur (UP) and surrounding areas.

The Amar Singh camp after the event
While different versions of the incident were floating in the media yesterday, one thing is for sure - the so called leader was saved by his overflowing wallet. Sources close to Singh told Humor Unplugged that the leader fell on his bum and the loaded wallet in his back pocket absorbed the impact. He then bounced and flew for nearly 500 mts before landing. A huge crater was formed at the spot where Singh landed.

The former close friend of Amitabh Bachchan was lucky that he bounced away from the rotor blades of the chopper and didn’t have to go through them.

Apparently Singh’s wallet was so loaded that he was not even injured due to the fall (sans a few bruises).


induchhibber said…
u r at it again!!one day they r all going to surround u & then ?
:) and then I will be famous :)))
Mishi said…
hahahhahah..really? it must be sight ! are you Bloggy? U bhool gaie ho na mujay?:-(
:)) Mishuuuuuuuu :) am good hope you are doing good too...will comment more at your blog :)
Saru Singhal said…
Money is always a saviour...I wish I could see him fall...:)
haaha :D thanks me it wouldnt be a good sight :)...
Leo Paw said…
forget about the man, what happened to the wallet? ;)
He gave the money away to his audience as he always does ;)) the money was meant for em...

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