Video exposes China’s systematic assertive moves to curb panda freedom

A video obtained from China’s Xinjiang province by Humor Unplugged has revealed how China is curbing panda freedom. The video, obtained with great difficulty by our own Beijing correspondent panda Ping Ying, bears testimony to the gruesome tactics adopted by the local administration to keep panda cubs caged.

The video clearly shows how a Chinese PLA official confines a panda cub keen on escape to her crib. China as always has denied the existence of the video and claimed that its contents have been doctored to show the local government and PLA in bad light. Animal rights activists have condemned China and asked the international community to take cognizance of the matter at the earliest.

Speaking to Humor Unplugged, a US state department official said that the matter was of grave concern to the US government and that appropriate action will be initiated against China soon. He also said that US was trying to determine the present condition of the panda cub to ensure that no harm is done to the baby.

Humor Unplugged stands by the content and has added a commentary to the video to allow viewers to understand what is going on.


Saru Singhal said…
Such a cute video...Let him play outside...:)
:) The PLA wont allow it yaa :((
Tia said…
:)) poor panda caught up in communism
Poor indeed doo...poor indeed :(

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