Times are bad not just for celebs, but for their lookalikes too

Unlike the Times of India journalists who beat around the bush in the first para of their stories, Humor Unplugged gets straight to the point.

Now we all knew that the senior members of the Indian cricket team were going through a rough patch. But we didn’t realize that things had just taken a turn for the worse till we came across a story in the publication Australian IT featuring a V V S Laxman lookalike.  When Humor Unplugged got in touch with the dude in question,  he told us a story that was sad and worthy of a 3 hour documentary.

Thats Lachman in the pic
“There were simply no opportunities. No good ads, no movie offers no nothing. I was sitting on my laptop doing nothing for ages before I decided to move on. That was when I got this offer from an Australian daily to pose for their images. I immediately accepted the offer knowing fully well that this would be my last chance to do anything gainful considering the fact that my celeb is also in danger of losing his place in the Indian playing XI. The government is not doing anything for us and it seems like it is a curse to have a face that resembles a celeb. Unless the government does more and starts providing us jobs and free pension, things won’t change,” said Venkataratnam Narasimha Lachman, the V V S Laxman lookalike.

Other celeb lookalikes contacted by Humor Unplugged resonated Deviah’s thoughts and urged the government to come to their support by giving them reservations in public and private sector jobs. “If the government doesn’t intervene, we will soon be forced to change our faces and our professions as we are no longer in demand,” said Doofy Lahiri, an economy sized lookalike of Bhappida.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL Lachman...:) Yeah yeah go ahead create another quota. BTW, coming straight to the point, I find it very amusing. What if I am a celebrity, what would my look alike do?
:) thanks yaa...indeed an interesting... your look alike would be bad at poetry... :) since you are so good at it :)
Tia said…
gud one! laxman still has to find 6 more of his lukalikes... all the best to him ;)
:) thanks doo...yea hop he locates em before his retirement ;)
:) thanks doo...yea hop he locates em before his retirement ;)

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