Scientists identify and isolate Eminem gene in rats

In what they claim is a breakthrough, scientists at the Maryland, US-based National Human Genome Research Institute have isolated a gene that’s gives rise to Eminem type behavior among rodents. The so-called breakthrough came after 3 years of intense research and involved gene experts from 9 countries, according to a press release issued on Friday by the institute.

The identified gene is part of a cluster of MMP genes which localize to chromosome 11q22.3. While in normal humans, its expression is restricted by a epigenome which acts as a repressor. In rare cases, as in humans, the repression activity fails and the gene manages to express itself leading to the birth of what researchers call Ratty Eminem or the rodent version of Eminem.

Ratty Eminem
Scientists associated with the whole project are excited by their discovery. “You know what this means? This implies that Eminem is not the creation of his social environment but is the result of a genetic anomaly. We will extend this study to other deviants such as Justin Beiber in order to better understand the complex events affecting the expression of this gene” a geeky scientist told Humor Unplugged over a skype chat.

“In rats where we got the gene to express itself, the behaviour observed was completely unique. One guy wore an oversized white tracksuit, a hoodie, big joggers and trainers with open lace and started running around muttering weird stuff to amused fellow rats. He was seen swaying around and shaking his arms every 3 seconds while minimizing his field of vision. A cat who saw this behavior ran away and didn’t come back,” the scientist said.

Other scientists were however not too excited by the discovery. “This is right up there with a study that found out why news anchors turn aggressive. I would rather have spent the money on something more useful from the environment or anthropology point of view. Let’s face it there is only one Eminem and thank god for that. I don’t think we will have more of his types,” a US scientist said.

Project lead Dr. Hammerschmidst got a congratulatory call from Obama today morning. Iran meanwhile claimed that it is investing money in developing an army of Eminem rats to take on the US. 


Saru Singhal said…
Rat is so cute:) BTW, the doctor's name is really
Thanks Saru...he is so hep and in the house :)))
Ana_treek said…
hehehe..eminem rat?..where do u get such ideas?
Its pure research Ana :) I am just reporting the development... :)) all credit goes to Dr Hammershmidst ;)
muthiah sriram said…
seriously how do u come up with these stuff..awesome!!

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