Rajasthan cops will script Mahesh Bhatt movie

After spinning a yarn over Salman Rushdie’s visit to Jaipur, Rajasthan cops got an offer from the not so noted director\producer Mahesh Bhatt to pen his next movie.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that Mahesh Bhatt has approached a bunch of Rajasthan cops with an offer to script his next movie. The offer was formally made on Saturday evening while the controversy over the alleged role of Rajasthan police in cooking up a false story over a threat to Rushdie snowballed into prime time news worthy controversy.

While home ministry sources in Delhi were tight lipped on the whole affair, we did manage to get a sound bite from a cop who was involved in creating the Rushdie threat story. “Yes, we have received a note from Mr Bhatt and it clearly states that we are being offered a movie. We are seriously considering the offer and the fact that the role of a script in a typical Bhatt movie is negligible also makes the proposal quite attractive. We can write a decent story in a couple of hours,” a senior cop said.

Mahesh Bhatt claimed that script was not an important part of his movies. “In most of my movies, I figured out the script after the shoot was over,” Bhatt said trying to scratch his back.

An angry Rushdie meanwhile said that he was not going to write mushy mails to any lady for the next three hours to register his protest over the incident. He was also upset with the fact that he was not trending on Twitter in India when the controversy broke out. “Some barking journo was trending along with all kinds of inanimate things but the entire twitter community in India ignored me the way Padma Lakshmi used to do while pub hopping,” a visibly miffed Rushdie said.


jeeteraho said…
i m so glad that Rajasthan cops r good in literature if nothing else.
:) true...may be they were inspired by the lit fest itself...
Saru Singhal said…
Not so popular...lol and back scratching...BTW, I saw Arth and Zakhm; the movies are brilliant.

Mahesh But has a knack of appreciating the hidden talent and you have the knack of bringing the hidden humor...:)
:) thanks Saru..indeed Arth and Zakm were a class apart..but wen u think of those last few movies he made..u would wonder if it was the same guy :((
Sujatha Sathya said…
yeh toh ho gayi na mahesh ke muh pe thappad wali baat !! but true considering the last couple of things he brought out

though i must say the music always works in the movie's favor and this has nothing to do with the post but still had to say :)
:D true...he could do wonders if he just worked with a well crafted script...but then the same holds good for the rest of bollywood...:) but then they dont go about casting that emran hashmiee

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