Put Barkha in Burkha: EC to NDTV

The Election Commission has asked NDTV to either put senior journo and national news nanny Barkha Dutt off air or cover her with a Size: 98" x 80" 80 percent opaque bedsheet/burkha during broadcasts. This missive came to the news channel in the form of a letter written by the EC received by NDTV early Saturday morning. The directive comes after EC issued a similar order directing the UP government to cover all statues of Maywati and elephants in UP.

According to NDTV sources, the letter states “the journo in question has been found to be very close to a national party that is contesting the upcoming elections in various states. The affinity has been found to be quite disturbing by the commission and therefore we direct your channel to initiate appropriate action to ensure that the journalist is not represented visually in any media till such time that the ballot boxes are sealed and delivered for counting”.  

MAP members protesting against EC
EC has given the channel 5 working days to comply with the order. The channel has been asked to report on the measures taken to ensure compliance by the 11th of January. NDTV grandpa Pranoy Roy was quite upset over the decision and has threatened not to dye his beard for 10 days in protest. “We are an independent channel and we do not take funds or do paid news. I am not sure as to why the EC passed such an order against us. I am not happy and that’s for sure and when I get angry I just get angry,” Roy said.

Barkha meanwhile told Humor Unplugged that she will sue the appropriate people soon.

Move condemned by Mullahs in Pakistan
A group of moth-eaten Precambrian mullahs operating under the aegis of Mullahs Association of Pakistan (MAP) has attacked the Indian Election Commission for issuing what it called an unwarranted Fatwa against their favorite journalist. MAP has asked EC to withdraw the order immediately, failing which MAP would start an indefinite strike across 3 stone age cities, sources said.

The MAP is Barkha's biggest fan club with over 8900 fossil Mullahs swearing allegiance to her.


Saru Singhal said…
ROFL for the your adjectives you used to describe everyone in this post. The best one, of course is National News Nanny aka 'N cube'

Good one:)
:D thanks Saru yea she is the nanny allright...:D;)
Ana_treek said…
hehe..:D..Poor Mullahs, must be heartbroken :D
yea Ana..poor things...imagine your idol being treated so shabbily ;))
Chintan Gupta said…
:D actually, I wouldn't mind if they do that :D

Send her to a war zone and never call her back :D
I am all for it Chintan :))) hop they do it soon ;)))

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