BCCI mulling VRS for senior players

Tired of coaxing senior players to hang up their boots, the BCCI, according to sources has decided to give the golden handshake to them. A decision to this effect was taken at an emergency meeting of the steering committee of BCCI on Monday and the same will be conveyed to the honourable players by the end of this week.

Sources in the BCCI told Humor Unplugged that the quasi political body has worked out a deal that would allow seniors to exit without hurting their ego. The deal could include a statue of each one of them along with a golden plaque in stadiums across the country and probably a seat in the Rajya Sabha for those interested in testing the political waters. Those who want to chase records will be allowed to do so in the Ranji trophy matches.

“Yes we have finalized a package for each one of them. We want to make sure that their exit is as smooth and cool as possible. All of them will be given posts within the BCCI and some of them will be hired as anchors by various sports channels. Others who want more could be given a seat in the house of elders in our parliament. They will also be given the latest team India gear at all times so that they can wear it wherever they go,” the source said.

Others sources say that the lucrative Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) or Early Separation Scheme (ESS) could include plots for various players in BCCI layouts coming up in various cities across the country. Some players might even be given remake rights or overseas rights for various movies. It seems like the BCCI does not want to leave any stone unturned to ensure a smooth exit. And what if they don't accept the VRS proposal? "Then we might consider all available options, including putting them up for adoption by Angelina Jolie," the angry source said.  

BCCI has already approached various Indian PSUs experienced in doling out VRS for the project. It seems that BCCI is in a hurry to move on after the latest loss of face suffered by the team in Australia. All senior BCCI steering committee members contacted by Humor Unplugged refused to comment on the development.


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