Auxiliary power unit problems ground Lumia branded Jet

A Jet Airways’ 737 which had an advertisement of Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone, as part of the marketing tie-up with Nokia, has been called back to the hanger by the airline. The recall happened as the jet suddenly developed problems with its battery pack leading to power issues on board.

The airline has been ordered to investigate the incident by the civil aviation ministry and Nokia has promised all assistance in the probe.

Jet and Nokia had joined hands to launch a joint campaign to promote the Lumia series of phones. As part of this campaign, the Jet in question was supposed to sport the tile interface of the new Nokia smartphone on its windows as well as inside the aircraft. The Nokia Lumia Jet Airways aircraft was expected to fly across destinations in India till January 31.

Sources in Nokia and Jet were unavailable for comment. Insiders say that once the 737’s battery problems are fixed the campaign may be launched again.

It may be remembered that Nokia had recently admitted that Lumia 800 had a battery problem.  


Saru Singhal said…
I hope that passengers were not using Nokia phone or else their life is landed
hahah :) yea Saru...this is jus a recall ;)

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