Simi Garewal to stress test Indian nuke sites

Its official, the Indian government has approached fossil nanny Simi Garewal to stress test Indian nuclear installations.

Simi in her radiation containment
Sources in the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) have confirmed a rumour we heard the other day regarding deployment of a radiation emitting fossil to test the safety standards of our nuclear installations.

“The decision was made at an emergency meeting convened in November. DAE officials unanimously passed a resolution asking the Indian government to use Simi Garewal to do a through test of various safety parameters at Indian nuclear plants, in wake of what happened at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The Indian government gave its nod to the proposal last week,” our source said.  

So why Simi? “First of all she is the oldest living fossil with Radio carbon studies showing her to be atleast 3000 years old. Simi emits radiation due to some embedded nuclear reactions that are taking place inside her. She emits various ionising radiations and charged particles such as electrons, positrons, muons, protons and alpha particles. She can be used to test the containment mechanism and the stability of moderator rods along with the Essential service water system (ESWS), Emergency core cooling system (ECCS), Corespray system, Low pressure coolant injection system (LPCI) and other systems without causing any damage to herself. Besides, the radiation emitted by her will help us determine if external environment around a reactor can induce radioactivity within the core. This is a hypothetical case we are analysing,” our informed source said.

The tests may start by mid-feb, sources said.


Ana_treek said…
Hahahhahahahhahahah..How can u come with so much crap in such a straight language??..loved it!
:D thanks Ana...guess it jus happens :)

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