Intelligent chimpanzee rejects offer to write sequel

25-year old Panzee feels “there is no challenge in there”

Panzee is an extraordinary chimp. She is well educated, can understand English words and even has a dedicated community page on Facebook, which she updates frequently. She has been trained by none other than noted anthropologist and animal lover Dr. Hammerschmidst. She is a model chimp and is an inspiration to many of her kind.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that actor Shah Rukh Khan’s production house, on the lookout for a writer and an interesting script for sequel decided to give Panzee a try. Last Friday Shah Rukh flew down to Vancouver with a proposal for Panzee. The leading Bollywood actor hosted a special screening of exclusively for Panzee. But the movie didn’t impress the creatively inclined chimp one bit.
“Panzee is already in talks with leading Hollywood production houses but wanted to explore all options and that is why she invited Shah Rukh home for discussion. But when she saw, Panzee was quite disturbed and even admonished Shah Rukh for making a movie without a valid script. Panzee feels only creatively challenged movie makers like Mahesh Bhatt make movies with a script that is as strong as China’s love for India. She also told Shah Rukh clearly that he should not take his audience for granted and that the movie maker needs to make movies with good script backed by a strong storyline,” Hammerschmidst said.
Panzee asked Shah Rukh to come back after learning more about the art of movie making and told him that while she could write a ‘ script’ in one grooming session, there was no creative challenge there and it wouldn’t be a ‘satisfying enterprise’ for the 25-year old.  


Arpitha Holla said…
The things I am hearing about I am scared to go watch the movie and waste those precious hours.. :) Nice post.. :)
TheBluntBlogger said…
Lalalalala Kya tamacha mara :-X
i feel like i am the panzee.....for no particular reason...she sounds smart to reject...May be that's why :-D
:) Thanks Arpita you are spot on :)
:) Yeap Chintan...she sure is smart :)
She sure is Ana :) she sure is :)

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