iPhone 4s pricing, Advani to go on a mini rath yatra

The BJP patriarch is clearly miffed with Apple over 4s pricing.

L K Advani, fresh from an all-expenses paid national vacation, has threatened to go on another instalment of his patented Rath Yatra unless Apple revises the prices of iPhone 4s phones in India. It may be remembered that Apple had launched 4S at almost twice its international price here and the rationale behind the move is still unclear.

Aiming clearly at the country’s youth who are very angry with Apple, Advani stated that his yatra threat will force Apple to reduce prices and bring them on par with international rates. “Such discrimination is in clear violation of established international business practices and will hurt the Indian youth. We are therefore against such irrational pricing and the matter will be raised in the parliament. We will not let both houses function unless the government provides a satisfactory reply on the issue,” Advani said.

"A 16GB iPhone at Rs 44,500? While the 32 GB variant at 50,900? What kind of pricing is this? Who has decided these numbers. I was told that 4s would be cheaper than the standard iPhone,” Advani said. He also said that such pricing would contribute to inflation and also put pressure on the Rupee which he said was 'behaving like Kingfisher airline' at this point of time.

Advani's mini rath
Political analysts feel that the senior BJP leader who wanted to become India's PM since his childhood days during the early cretaceous, has made this move to appease India's youth who are not able to connect with him. Advani has been unsuccessfully trying to target this segment since quite sometime.

Advani said he will go on a 4s yatra across 5 states in protest soon and has asked BJP workers to gherao Apple’s offices in India. Responding to the call, a small group of senior BJP workers attacked a nearby Apple orchard in Shimla and asked the owner to reduce prices or face social boycott. Further details are awaited on the attack.

Apple sources were not available for comment.


Mishi said…
hahahha funny as hell as usual...you know what Bloggy Im dying to have an iphone and its damn expensive here too..so I wish somebody have this idea of Yatra too...and who can be more fav then Our Khan Imran Khan! He wants to stay connected with youth as much as he can..tho Fb is serving him well but iPhone is not a bad idea tooo! wot you say?:p
:D thanks Mishu..zamana ho gaya aap sey baat kiey huey :) hope you are doing great...have been tryin to write a post on Imran since ages...:) god knows when I will turn lucky :)))might need your help there..
Saru Singhal said…
How can they deprive Indian youth of something so important? Infact they should give it for free to all the Indian bloggers who posted after Jobs' death.
Seriously Saru...but then Apple will find some way of making money from that too :D
Mishi said…
yeh Sure..Anything You need..just ask me out..I will be more then glad to help you:-)

and em doing fine..

Subha hoti hai ..sham hoti hai
Umur younhi tamam hoti hai!:P
haha :D good one yaar....still thinking of a reply sher :)
indu chhibber said…
Isn't it amazing how full of life our oldies are?The only exception being when they are called by the CBI--THEN ALL THE BIMARIES surface.
joel fernandes said…
lol..advani should go on rath yatra for many more things :P
Very true Indu...mention jail and the chest pain starts for these parasites...
:) Yea Joel, I have my own lill wishlist...but the problem is that nothing changes after his yatra..except that his family gets to go on an India darshan courtesy BJP...
alka narula said…
hilarious,,i jus cudnt stop laffing...lol..m still laffin..gud 1
:) thanks Alka :) glad you liked it so much :)
LeoPaw said…
Thats a highly Advanced Advani.
Since he just finished his national tour, may be he would consider a world yathra for 4s. But what would he call that yathra?
A wrath yatra ;))) what do u say :)
Neha said…
If Apple were to sell unsubsidized iPhone in America and everywhere with same price tag....I think they would find more takers in INdia and China than in US and All europe put together
True Neha...I am not sure why Apple is implementing a discriminatory price regime here...I mean the least they could do is to explain why they had to jack up the prices in India..that too by 2X...completely unjustified...
LeoPaw said…
Wrath yatra. That would be the perfect name! Let us wait for the rock anthem "Ab i-Phone" release on iTunes. :))

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