Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth demand bailout package

After Vijay Mallya demanded a bailout package for his fledgling airline, slap twins Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth came together to ask the Indian government to extend a similar package for them too.

In what could be termed as an attempt at drawing media attention to their shaky careers, the Team India discards Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth met union sports minister Ajay Maken and asked him to use his influence to extend a bailout package for the duo. In an hour long meeting with the minister, the twins requested him to pressurize the BCCI to take them in the Indian team under some quota and allow them to play for the country.

Lets get some dole, bro
According to sources, the duo made a passionate plea to the minister. Sreesanth claimed that many pubs in Bangalore had put him on a ‘cash and carry’ mode, as he didn’t have enough money with him. He also blamed his plight on double digit inflation and rising beer prices across the country. “They (the pubs) are denying me access to all forms of credit because I am no longer wearing the Indian jersey. Please sir, I request you to use your power to get me a berth in the playing 11. If Mallya (Vijay) can get a package, why can’t we,” Sreesanth is reported to have said.

Harbhajan on the other hand claimed that the government needs to pay additional attention to the plight of all sections of society, especially the weaker ones. “I am a spinner, but I am technically challenged and the government needs to do more to help people like me rise in society. They should encourage us. I am not asking for much; I just want to be seen in 9 ads every week and for that I need to be part of the playing eleven and for that I need your help,” Harbhajan said.

Both players threatened to stage another fake slap drama in front of the minister’s office unless their demands were met. Sreesanth went a step further and threatened to stage a fake marriage ala Kim Kardashian, if he was not inducted into the Indian team soon. "The Indian media will flood your TV screens with 24X7 coverage of the event and you will not be able to watch anything else," he threatened.

A surprised Ajay Maken assured them that he will look into the issue soon and get back to them.


Ana_treek said…
Lol :D :D..Too good!!..fake marriage!
:D:D thanks Ana :D he is capable of doing that :)

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