Calvin in 'The sin of good times'

Mallya believes in leaving all worries to the government 


Saru Singhal said…
Now, thats the post of all times;)

Too good:)Oh, that reminds me the chain of VM jokes continues:)
:) thanks Saru..yea the uncle is really chilling out while his empire is on fire...guess he knows the govt will chip in and save him...
Readitt said…
nice one man.. mallya is really born to enjoy kind of person..

wish to see a post on king fisher calendar girls who made it to bollywood.. check my site - the e magazine -
Hey thanks buddy will check ur site out...:)
Thousif Raza said…
cool :P... he he i liked it... maybe because i've always loved calvin and hobbes :)

Take care and keep writing........
:) thanks Thousif...we have all loved Calvin and Hobbes and miss em...:(
Vijay Menon said…
haha :D That twas a killer!
Gargi Gupta said…
Haha...It depicts a clear picture! VM doesn't have to worry at all, just drink and leave the rest to the govt. to help the sinking company :P
:D But you know whats the best part...the UPA coming to rescue mallya is like pakistani coming to the rescue of afghanistan ;)))

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