Tussauds withdraws Kareena Kapoor’s wax statue in just 24 hours

The ‘talented’ actress was apparently unhappy with the way her wax statue turned out.

Moments before the tantrum
Humor Unplugged has been told by sources in the Madame Tussauds museum that Kareena’s recently unveiled statue has been pulled back for ‘modifications’. Here is the full story.

When the statue was unveiled on Thursday, the actress was all smiles and called the statue a 'unmatched honor for Indian cinema'. But that apparently was the proverbial fake smile before the storm.

Everything was fine till the actress had a cursory glance at the statue's bottom. Within no time she flew off the handle and threw a Ra.one sized tantrum, scaring the wits out of visitors and media folk. Noted producer-director-mumbler Yash Chopra who was at the museum tried to calm the actress by offering her a item number in one of his upcoming movies. But when Kareena heard that she would not be paid for it, she created a even bigger din. Left with no option, the museum management agreed and asked the national award winning actress to share a list of the suggestions she had.

Why would a museum host a wax
statue of a wax statue?
HU's entertainment expert asks. 
Humor Unplugged has obtained a copy of the list which starts with the wax statue’s bum. The actress feels that the statue has a saggy bottom which is quite unlike her. She also feels that the cheek bones, nose and ears of the statue have to be altered. Kareena has agreed to fly her Botox manager to the museum to help the museum staff understand her body better.

Kareena has reportedly told the museum management that her features are in a constant state of flux, due to varying levels of Botox availability. “Sometimes Saif needs more Botox so I don’t get my full quota,” she said.    

Museum authorities refused to give a date for return of the statue. The statue has already started getting acting offers from movie makers and ad agencies. Humor Unplugged also caught Saif Ali Khan making passes at the statue. When confronted Saif denied everything and claimed he was merely checking if they had painted the statue properly. "I always travel with a can of  Asian paints for such emergencies," he claimed.


Red Handed said…
hahahahah this was sooo EPIC!!!
Kareena needs a strict size jeeerooo!
Arpitha Holla said…
I dislike kareena.. so I loved reading this.. :) keep going.. :)
Vijay Menon said…
EPIC man! Dead awesome! :D
:D RH yea who do all these talentless star kids flood bollywood...I just dont understand :(
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...If botox works fine on the statue then it would be better if it replaces her in the movie...:)
Amen to that Saru...Amen to that :)
Mishi said…
hahaha I dint like that statue btw.I guess she is much better in real..well said :p
:) never know Mishu..never know...these plastic people are lik this only ;)
Nitin Jain said…
perhaps the museum walas will have to go the Apple way and will have release a new version of stature every six month. The current version says KareenaG1 :)
Tia said…
LOL...the kitty is so cute and apt :D
TheBluntBlogger said…
:P I am with Kareena on this, the statue does look a bit sad....:D
:) Nitin :) now thats a subject for another post ;)))
Kitty is also amused by kareena aunty doo ;))
Yea chintan...indeed...just read a piece in ToI today which says all the tussaud ver of all b town celebs are duds it seems :))
Sujatha Sathya said…
shortage of botox!!

HU entertainment 'expert' doing a fantastic job :)

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