Taliban launch $1 Halal tablet

The tablet war just got intense with Taliban jumping into the fray with a $1 'Halal' tablet.

Just a day after India launched a $35 android tablet, Taliban in Pakistan has announced the launch of its own cost effective shariah compliant tablet. Taliban claims the ‘Liyaaqat’ will change the way the terror group operates and will make their cadres more tech savvy. If sources are to be believed, even the Pakistani army, (which has funded the Taliban R&D team which developed the tablet) has shown a keen interest in acquiring this device for its troops.

  • 7 inch 2-color slide resistant granite-based display
  • Front and rear display units (Primary plus1)
  • Pencil backup for over 300 hours standard, 72 hours painting
  • Break and corrosion resistant granite body
  • Shariah compliant
  • Mullah-friendly design 
  • Light weight
  • 3 inch eraser upgradable to 5 inches
  • Chalk support – 12-color
  • Stylus styled pencil free 
Speaking at the launch of Liyaaqat, Taliban’s communication in-charge Mullah Somar said “we have now moved a step closer to arming our cadres with the latest tablet technology. It is a different matter that no one knows how to read and write here; but we will soon find a use for this tablet. Till such a time, our cadres can learn how to draw and waste time before heading to suicide missions”.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that Taliban is planning to launch a commercial variant of Liyaaqat which will have more features and will be priced suitably. Taliban's marketing wing tells us that their research has shown that there is a huge market for slate tablets in the border areas of Pakistan.

Microsoft’s legal team has asked Taliban to share pics of Liyaaqat. “We will examine if we can sue them on something,” our MS source said.


Saru Singhal said…
LOL...I want to have it and I'm ready to shell $1 for it...:) :) :) Guys mourn over Steve's death, stop your suing game for sometime...
:) Saru...hope Apple stops suing now :)
Vijay Menon said…
where can I get it - tStore?
Right now you have to be a member of one of the taliban-affliated shuras to get it.. :(
sowmya said…
hai...india's no :1 blog :) the name u have chosen
& the posts are quite interesting :)
specially that profile picture :D very nice...
different personality!
keep smiling always :)
Swetav said…
really cool post man...........
Thanks Swetav...:) glad you liked it :)
Sowmya :D thanks for dropping and sharing those lovely words :))) will remember your advice :) :)
:) That was funny....the name of the tablet took the cake. good scribble
I really feel concerned about Afghanistan and Pakistan where still people are compelled to use these kinda tablet type slates. Their instability is a matter of concern for us, like usual neighbours at our home. Donno when their turn will come to get up and rise above the prevalent fiascos..
I agree Vinod...instability in Afghanistan and Pak is having a bad impact on rest of the region...
Kumar Bibek said…
Hahaha, I hear that the OS on the tablet is the most advanced of it's times. It hasn't been named yet. :)
:D sure Bibek...i has to be a shariah compliant name and a hallal one at that ;))
sriramnivas said…
Do u know? The Chinese are planning to produce these Taliban tablets at a much reduced cost and sell it in the Kashmir terror market.
Gosh Sriram :) now that is a plot indeed ;)))
Tia said…
taliban has a marketing wing...hmmm...thats it, im joining ;) ;)
hahah :D their marketing team is based out of Peshawar doo..so you might have to relocate...also do a check on the packages they offer :))

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