Stray dogs - part of the security apparatus at Bangalore Airport

The management of Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) has spared no expense to ensure your safety.

Bangalore’s very own international airport has achieved the distinction of being the first airport in the country  to implement a multi-tier security regime. BIAL has added an extra layer of security in the form of 300 stray dogs who are standing guard and watching over visitor and VIP movement in its premises. This unique arrangement has been made possible thanks to a unique Public-Private-Stray engagement model evolved by the BIAL management.

The extra layer of security at BIAL
While most airports in the country and around the world may have one or at the max two levels of security, BIAL boasts of a three-tier arrangement consisting of CISF, private security guards and stray dogs at the periphery. When contacted, a proud and beaming BIAL spokesperson Chavvani Lal said “this is indeed a remarkable achievement for our airport. The external security cordon that we have enforced is completely dependent on stray dogs. And I am not speaking about ordinary mongrels here. These are the best strays in the country and have been picked from localities where they forced people to move out”.

When Humor Unplugged visited BIAL, we found strays roaming everywhere. The mission hounds were keeping a watch over everyone, especially people with food. “These animals have been trained to keep an eye on people consuming perishables in the premises. Such people could be carrying biochemical weapons on them and we need to be extremely careful. So if a stray comes near you and snatches food from your hands, don’t be alarmed and cooperate with these dogs as they are simply doing their duty by testing your food. This is in the larger interest of passengers using our state of the art airport,” Lal said.

BIAL’s senior management, according to sources is mulling a proposal to increase the number of strays guarding the airport. “I have no problems with that since I never use BIAL. I always travel to either Chennai or Hyderabad if I have to catch a flight,” a senior BIAL guy told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat.


Mishi said…
lolz em afraid P.I.A will be inspired with this Idea.keep it a secret..ok?...hello bloggy! how are you doing?:-)
:D mishu :D all good yaa long time i must say...they should also have that many stray dogs around naa...:) I dont think PIA guys have so many recruits..;)
Oh and hope you are doing well too ahead of the festival season :))
Mishi said…
yar! P.I.A sucks already! plz dont send this idea to them:p

em fine alhumdulilaha...and all ready for the meat festivl..hehe
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Too good, intelligent model I must say!
Gargi Gupta said…
Stray dogs keeping a watch at BIAL...well, very creative post..wish they can hire some cats too to entertain the dogs at work :P
:D Thanks Gargi..yea we can have a cannine-feline combo guarding our airports ;)))

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