New breed of mujahedeen causing concern in Bangalore

India’s IT capital, Bangalore has something new to worry about.

An avg pothole
According to confidential note prepared by the Intelligence Bureau, a new breed of terror infrastructure is emerging in Bangalore. The note, left casually by an IB sleuth at a pan shop in the national capital was accessed by Humor Unplugged on Sunday and our sources in IB confirmed its existence and content.

The note says that terrorists in Bangalore are using the city’s large potholes as operational bases to hide, train and motivate cadres. “Evidence on the misuse of potholes is mounting and there have been many instances of potholes on prominent roads turning into terror training grounds by night. The state government has been warned through a vague communication letter and we have washed our hands off any liability that might occur due to mujahedeen operating out of potholes,” the note said.

Sustained investigations by Humor Unplugged revealed the extent of the threat. In some instances, 13 feet wide holes were serving as ammunition dumps, some potholes were connected with other potholes to form what is called as a potnet to facilitate easy movement of men and material. The terrorists have even named themselves 'Pothole Mujaheddin' 

Our efforts to derive an official comment on the development proved futile.      


Mishi said…
hahaha you Guys better hurry..or they will get all settled there;p
:D they are already there Mishu :(:(
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Potholes are the talk of town, sorry country...:)
:D totally Saru..totally :)))

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